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Civil Engineering Specializing In Septic and Drainage

Redbay Engineering is a civil engineering firm specializing in septic system design and drainage design. We work throughout Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties. Our team of engineers offer decades worth of experience within the civil field. Redbay Engineering is committed to the highest standards of excellence, and we provide our clients with cost-effective design services.
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Septic System Design
A septic system is a natural way to treat domestic wastewater. Onsite sewage treatment systems serve areas where the county or municipality does not have centralized sewer. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) estimates that 30% of Florida's population use a septic system for wastewater disposal. It's critical that these systems are engineered and installed properly to protect your family, neighbors, and the environment.
Drainage Design
South Florida rains can quickly cause flooding.  A well designed drainage system can keep your property usable and dry during heavy rains. Our professionals can diagnose your drainage problems and provide solutions.

Drainage plans for single family residential lots are increasingly becoming a requirement to build a single family home in many municipalities. The stormwater design depicted on these plans not only includes how the stormwater will flow over the property, but will also include storm drain design, storm drain slope and placement of storm structures, if required. The drainage engineer will usually include drainage calculations on the plans or in a separate document to demonstrate that the municipalities' drainage criteria are being met.

Site/Grading/Pavement design includes the preparation of plans and specifications for site layout, pavement, grading, drainage, utilities and hardscaping features. Site design services include collaboration with the site planner and preparation of a permit set of plans.
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